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We leverage on novel nucleic acids modification techniques and nanotechnologies to improve mRNA therapeutics (RNA vaccines, gene editing)

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Application of radiogenomics in head and neck cancer: A new tool toward diagnosis and therapy

23 February 2024

Ong et al. reviewed radiogenomics as the latest technological frontier for establishing personalized treatments in the face of the pronounced heterogeneity seen in head and neck cancer. This review comprehensively summarizes the progress in developing radiogenomics approaches for addressing head and neck cancer.


Read more in iRadiology.


Biomimetic nanovaccine-mediated multivalent IL-15 self-transpresentation (MIST) for potent and safe cancer immunotherapy

Oct 24, 2023

Wang et al. developed biomimetic nanovaccine with multivalent interleukin-15 self-transpresentation (biNV-IL-15) that allows spatiotemporal manipulation of therapeutic T cells, elicits broad spectrum antigen-specific T cell responses, and promotes cures in multiple syngeneic tumor models with minimal systemic side effects.


Read more in Nature Communications.

Materials engineering strategies for cancer vaccine adjuvant development

Materials engineering strategies for cancer vaccine adjuvant development

May 9, 2023

Zhang et al. outlined the current state of materials engineering strategies, including those based on molecular adjuvants, polymers, and inorganic nanoparticles for adjuvant development. They also elaborate on how these engineering strategies and the physicochemical features of the materials involved influence the effects of adjuvants.

Read more in Chemical Society Reviews.



We are constantly seeking young researchers and students to join our lab! 


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