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Principal Investigator

Dr Ni Qianqian
Assistant Professor Ni Qianqian

B.Med., Nanjing University (Clinical Medicine)

PhD., Nanjing University (Medical Imaging and Nuclear medicine)

Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health (Molecular Imaging and Nanomedicine)

Dr Ni received her B.Med and PhD in an 8-year medicine program from Nanjing University. After postdoc training in NIBIB/NIH, Dr Ni joined NUS and started her Assistant Professorship in 2021. Dr. Ni’s research over the past five years focused on applying advances in nanotechnology to improve cancer immunotheranostics: 1) novel cancer nanovaccines for cancer immunotherapy; 2) novel nucleic acid nanomedicine for cancer theranostics and cancer immunomodulations. The PI’s main clinical direction is the use of advanced CT, MRI angiography techniques, image post-processing, and artificial intelligence for the diagnosis of cardiovascular disorders and thoracic diseases.

Research Fellow

Visiting Research Fellow

Graduate Student

Research Assistant

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